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Guest Article: Missouri Draws Criticism for failing to pass Smoking Ban at Casinos during Global Pandemic

Casino Watch Focus has reported on local and nationwide efforts to institute smoking bans at casinos during the pandemic.  Not only is this a very clear way to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, it also offers many other health benefits to those that frequent casinos.  As such, efforts were taken to bring the matter […]

Nationwide Smoking Ban in Casinos Pushed by Advocacy Group to Protect Public Against Covid-19

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the recent smoking ban proposals for casinos as a means to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  These efforts have been fairly localized, but the impact of such a policy is self-evident.  Covid-19 is widely spread through air particulates and exhaling smoke puts many particulates and germs in the air.  […]

Local Councilman Introduces Casino Smoking Ban Ordinance for Missouri Facility

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the recent decision of many casinos to, at least temporarily, support a ban on smoking in their facilities.  Covid-19 is clearly an airborne virus and not only do smokers need to remove their masks to smoke, but the act of smoking clearly demands they blow the smoke out and […]

Casinos Employ Bans on Smoking as a Means of Reducing Spread of Coronavirus, but How Long Will They Last?

Casino Watch Focus has reported the many ways Covid-19 is impacting the gambling industry.  As the amount of infected and subsequent death toll rises, more and more are starting to tread the virus with respect and make adjustments to help ensure safety.  One idea has been to ban smoking.  A large number of casinos have […]

Voters Say It’s Time to End Smoking in Kansas City

Guest Article by Laurel Spencer In a metro-wide attempt to curb public smoking, Kansas City voters and the North Kansas City Council approved smoking bans that would prohibit smokers from lighting up in restaurants, bars, and other businesses. Aimed to take place in August, the ban is complete with strict restrictions and heavy fines for […]

A Brief Look at Crime 9/09 – 9/15

Dennis Blieden Accused of Embezzlement of $22m at Former Employer March of 2018 was pretty exciting for *Dennis Blieden* as he was relatively unknown to the poker world before that month. However, he made a miraculous victory and managed to rise to the top by topping a filed of 493 tough entries and taking down […]

McDonald’s Come Under Fire for Super Mario Slot Machine Toy

Casino Watch Focus has long reported on underage gambling and risk factors for children exposed to gambling. The NFL came under fire for marketing fantasy football to minors, and they decided to end those efforts. More recently, its been loot boxes in video games that have been so widely discussed. As many have explained, it’s a game […]

A Brief Look at Crime 07/16 – 07/22

Schoolboy, 13, blows £80,000 gambling online after using his father’s business credit cards to fund his addiction A 13-year-old schoolboy blew £80,000 gambling online using his father’s business credit cards to fund his addiction. The youngster, from Lancashire, started placing bets after seeing adverts for online bookmakers while watching a football match at Wembley. He […]

Brief Look at Crime 07/27 – 08/02

Italy seizes mafia assets worth 2 billion euros in gambling sting Italian police said on Wednesday they had seized assets worth two billion euros (S$2.9 billion) belonging to a powerful organised crime syndicate, in the latest sting against the mafia. The assets snatched from the ‘Ndrangheta mafia, which controls much of Europe’s cocaine trade, included […]

A Brief Look at Crime 04/01 – 04/07

Woman found shot to death in garage at Majestic Star Casino A 76-year-old woman was found shot to death early this morning in a parking garage at Majestic Star Casino in Gary, Ind., officials said. Austgen was found in the 2D parking garage located at 1 Buffington Harbor Dr. with a gunshot wound to the […]

A Brief Look at Crime 03/28– 04/03

Babysitter Denied Request To Lower Bond In Baby’s Death A Titusville woman, who is accused of putting a baby in a cooler where it was found dead, asked a judge to lower her bond so she can get out of jail on Thursday. However, the judge refused on the grounds that Carolyn Miller is now […]

A brief look at crime 10/19/09 – 10/25/09

Woman Shot at Legal Gambling Café A woman died after a gun accidentally discharged at a legal computer gambling cafe on Normandy Boulevard.  Police say the woman was on a computer gambling when a man walked into the Allied Veterans of the World Inc. Police say he had a gun that he mishandled and it […]

A brief look at crime 7/20-7/26

Iowan says he planned robbery, not stabbing, rape The sentencing hearing for a man convicted in a 1999 kidnapping and violent sexual assault has been continued to this afternoon following testimony that shed light on what initiated a chain of events a decade ago.  Ricardo Louison, 47, formerly of LeMars, Iowa, pleaded guilty in November […]