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Billions in Illegal Gambling on Super Bowl comes with Serious Consequences for Many

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the significant amount of gambling on the Super Bowl each year, and each year the impact seems to grow. This year the amount of total gambling on the Super Bowl is estimated to be around $4.7 million. An online source breaks that number down: Americans will bet $4.7 billion on […]

Illegal March Madness Betting expected to be twice that of Super Bowl 50

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing risks of gambling on the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. Each year more and more people view the event as a gambling activity, much like the Super Bowl. As another Selection Sunday puts the framework in place for this year’s tournament, its important to understand the dangers represented […]

Super Bowl 49 Brings Gambling to the Fore Front

Super Bowl 49  brings the NFL’s largest game to lime light with headlines of a Patriots cheating scandal that sounds all too familiar. Another year of allegations that coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady were looking for way to edge the competition in what is being termed “deflategate.” Deflating the football gives the running back […]

Super Bowl Gambling – Hardly Harmless Fun

Super Bowl 48 brings the big game to the rugged winter weather of the northeast as MetLife Stadium plays host to February 2nds Championship Game. Super Bowl 48 also brings headlines of Payton Manning’s legacy, Richard Sherman’s outbursts and a match up for the ages as the NFL’S best offensive and best defensive teams square […]

Super Bowl gambling, harmless fun or addictive behavior?

Super Bowl XLVII brings the big game back to New Orleans for the first time in over 10 years and in the post Hurricane Katrina era. Super Bowl 47 also brings headlines of two brothers facing off for the first time in Super Bowl history being dubbed the HarBowl, after the respective coaches’ last name […]

NCAA March Madness tops Super Bowl in gambling

Casino Watch Focus reported that the Super Bowl is know as the largest gambling sports event pointing to over $8 billion in gambling each year since 2007.  This year the estimate gambling amount grew to over $10 billion.  Casino Watch Focus also reported that NCAA March Madness would result in billions of dollars lost in […]

Super Bowl XLVI – how much gambling are we talking about?

Super Bowl XLVI brings about lots of excitement with the electricity of stats, facts, and the epic rematch of 2008’s Eli Manning’s Giants and Tom Brady’s Patriots.  Millions of people will engage in this social event and spend time at parties across the country.  However, Super Bowl Sunday is also one of the largest social […]

Super Bowl Gambling – not as harmless as you might think.

Super Bowl Sunday brings about lots of excitement with the electricity of stats and facts, the Who Dat Nation and a Manning Legacy.  Super Bowl Sunday is also one of the largest social gambling events in the nation. The Morning Sentinel points to the 2007 Super Bowl as having an estimated $8 billion in wagers placed […]

harmless super bowl wagers?

Guest Article: Super Bowl Sunday brings about lots of excitement with the electricity of stats and facts, and a perfect season riding on the line. But a lesser-known fact is that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the largest social gambling events in the nation. The Morning Sentinel points to the 2007 Super Bowl as […]

A Brief Look at Crime 07/31 – 08/06

Woman arrested in May death of 80-year-old Las Vegas man A 25-year-old woman has been arrested in the death of an 80-year-old man in the west Las Vegas Valley in May.The Metropolitan Police Department said [a suspect] was arrested Thursday on charges of murder, grand larceny auto theft and robbery with a deadly weapon. The […]

A Brief Look at Crime 07/17 – 07/23

Horrifying moment gambler kills two people just seconds after losing his £20,000 life savings in a casino Debt-riddled vet Osvaldo Campos Azocar, 42, went on a terrifying rampage after blowing more than £20,000 in the Monticello casino in Santiago, Chile. Osvaldo Campos Azocar is seen pulling out a weapon moments before shooting dead two people […]

Fantasy Football Costs Employers a Shocking $17 Billion and Puts Companies at Legal Risk

As America enters into another year of the National Football League, gambling is set to take center stage yet again. Casino Watch Focus has reported on the emergency of daily fantasy sports as the newest form of sports gambling. Some jurisdictions have appropriately labeled it gambling and either outlawed its practice or regulated it accordingly. […]

NHL Awards Las Vegas New Expansion Team

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the relationship between pro sports organizations and gambling countless times.  In almost all cases, the NHL has taken the position that its wise to distance their organization from the problems associated with sports gambling.  Most of their visible advocacy has come in the way of preventing sports betting from […]

NCAA March Madness Likely to Lead to Billions in Gambling and Lost Workplace Productivity

Just as the country has calmed down from the huge wave of Super Bowl gambling, a new Selection Sunday and NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament signals the beginning of another gambling craze.  As the sports world gears up for another year of March Madness its important to understand the impact that office pools have on employers […]

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil believed to set new gambling and match fixing records

Casino Watch Focus has reported many times on the impact that babbling has on major sporting events like the Super Bowl and the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. Even though these events have a global reach, their impact on sports and gambling culture world-wide seldom rises to the level of the World Cup.  This year is expected to produce […]