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Daily Fantasy Sports Violate Florida Law

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing evolution of how daily fantasy sports (DFS) is being viewed as gambling. It was last reported that companies like Draft Kings and FanDuel are starting to lobby in Florida in hopes of ensuring DFS stays legal on both federal and state levels. It appears that as of now, […]

Daily Fantasy Sports Gambling Companies DraftKings and FanDuel begin Lobbying in Florida

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the growing industry of daily fantasy sports (DFS) and how more and more people are starting to recognize it as gambling. A typical fantasy game takes place over the course of a season and involves a great amount of skill to successfully play. However, when you draft and play with […]

Daily Fantasy Sports Garners Gambling Label as Yahoo Joins the Market

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the questionable nature of short duration fantasy sports betting. Also known as DFS, or daily fantasy sports, players no longer play over the course of a season, but instead pick players day to day. Given the short term nature, the question is raised about whether these are games of skill, or […]

Florida Needs Credible Information About Casinos

##FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oct 3, 2013 By Mark Andrews Florida Casino Watch   Once people examine the impact of casinos, they understand this is bad, insidious business enabled by the government. What Floridians need is credible and objective information. As Tallahassee focuses on how to align gambling policies, the question is: Will Florida lawmakers consider […]


##FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 18, 2013   Now, just days before Committee Week and the Florida Senate’s first meeting to discuss the future of gambling here, comes a new study that could become a valuable guide for lawmakers during their deliberations.  33 scholars have put together their 31 Evidence-Based Propositions regarding State sponsored gambling. […]