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No Casinos Advocates Seminole Compact Renewal with No Harmful Expanded Gambling Provisions

  Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts between Florida and the Seminole Nation to renew its gambling compact that expired earlier this year.  The key focus for such renewal is that doing so provides exclusive rights to tribal gambling and prevent outside gambling interests from taking hold in the state.  Casino Watch […]

Florida-Seminole Gambling Compact Sees Lawsuit Added to Negotiations

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts of both the Florida Legislature and the Seminole Nation to successfully negotiated a renewed gambling compact for the state. The deadline passed with no resolution, so the state asked the Seminoles to stop offering card games and the Seminole responded with their own pressure. Then it […]

Seminole Gambling Compact Moves Toward Arbitration as Pressure Increases from Other Tribes to Enter Their Own Compact with Florida

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing negotiations to pass a new gambling compact between the state of Florida and the Seminole tribe. This compact has set up exclusive rights to table games at their tribal casinos, and de facto exclusive rights to tribal gaming in the state. The negotiations stalled during the legislative session […]

UPDATE: Seminole Compact Negotiations resume with Florida State Government, but with a Possible Dangerous Twist

Casino Watch Focus has reported that the gambling compact between Florida and the Seminole Tribe to exclusively allow table games at their tribal casinos came to an end. The next move was for the Florida legislature to reach out and ask when the Seminoles planned to stop offering the table games. The Tribe’s position was that […]

Seminole Gambling Compact Ends, Florida Asks Tribe to Shut Down Table Games

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing tension between the Florida legislature and the Seminole Tribe as they have failed to renegotiate a renewal of the long standing gambling compact. The compact allows the Seminoles to offer table games exclusively at their tribal casinos in exchance for monetary compensation to the state. The deadline for […]

Seminole Tribe Looks to Protect Interests and Limit Gambling by Joining Slot Lawsuit and Aggressively Urging Compact Negotiations with State Legislators

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the recent Florida Appeals Court ruling to allow gambling expansion through voter initiated slot machine licenses. Recently, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi asked the court for a rehearing in the matter. Now, the Seminole Tribe has asked to be included in the lawsuit because they fear such expansion harms […]

Tampa Tribune joins Florida Mayors and Others in Call for Renewed Seminole Compact

Casino Watch Focus has reported that multiple Florida Mayors have joined to campaign against gambling expansion measures, including being in support of a renewed Seminole Compact that would continue to allow exclusive rights to the various gambling table games in exchange for revenues. The last effort to renew the Compact was by way of legislation, but the session came […]

Senate Bill to Renew Seminole Compact Dies, Tribe Urges Good Faith Negotiations

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing dealings by the Florida Governor and Legislature to come to a new agreement with the Seminole Nation regarding exclusive gambling games in the state. With the July 31st deadline quickly approaching, the Legislature seemed as good a place to push for a resolution. However, with the recent early […]

Florida Seminole Gambling Compact Extension Bill Could also Produce Free Standing Casinos by way of Decoupling

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to prevent expanded gambling in Florida by renewing the existing gambling compact with the Seminole tribe. The compact provides exclusive rights to certain gambling games to the Seminoles in exchange for specified revenue to the state. Outside gambling interests have been maneuvering to build and operate full […]

Florida Senate President Doesn’t Expect New Seminole Compact this Session 2/16

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts of the Florida Legislature to come to an agreement on a new Gambling Compact with the Seminole Nation. Most recently, it was reported that a July 31st deadline had been established as Florida Gov. Rick Scott failed to negotiate a renewal deal last year. As this agreement has […]

Florida Gambling Compact with Seminole Nation has Deadline Set

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing political management of the Seminole Nation Gambling Compact. This compact establishes the gambling rules for what Tribal Gambling is allowed as well as what types of gambling Florida can offer. Major money is at stake and many different political actors have been positioning for a spot at the […]

Florida Failed to Reach a New Gambling Compact with the Seminole Tribe

Casino Watch Focus and routinely reported on the ongoing efforts to expand gambling in Florida, almost of which either impact or will be impacted by the existing Seminole Tribe gambling compact. The general consensus is that efforts to expand gambling will be put on hold until a new agreement comes to terms. An online Indian […]

UPDATE: Florida House Democrats officially demand to be involved in negotiating new Seminole gambling compact

Casino Watch Focus reported that Florida House Democrats said they would kill any new casino deal with the Seminoles if it didn’t include certain types of gambling games.  Now, the Democrats have gone a step farther and officially made clear they want to be involved in the actual writing of the agreement.  The Tampa Bay […]

Florida passes gambling compact with Seminole Indians despite major opposition

Casino Watch Focus has been reporting on the dealings between the Florida Legislature and the Seminole Indians regarding a gambling compact.  After Gov. Crist’s last deal was voted down in committee, Florida has been hard at work to find an agreement including entertaining ideas of full scale Vegas Style gambling. Now it appears that a […]

Florida gambling compact is heading back to square one

Casino Watch Focus has reported numerous times on the situation in Florida regarding the state’s gambling compact with the Seminole Indians.  The Governor is allowed to negotiate a compact, but the Florida Supreme Court ruled that the compact must have Florida Senate and House approval – a decision they came to when Governor Crist exceeded […]