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Daily Fantasy Sports Garners Gambling Label as Yahoo Joins the Market

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the questionable nature of short duration fantasy sports betting. Also known as DFS, or daily fantasy sports, players no longer play over the course of a season, but instead pick players day to day. Given the short term nature, the question is raised about whether these are games of skill, or […]

Daily Fantasy Sports Gambling: Have Sports Leagues Adopted a Hypocritical New Position

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the new trend of real money betting on fantasy sports. Not what some might view as a few harmless dollars among friends over an entire season, but large scale, daily fantasy games. A recent lawsuit seeks an answer to whether or not short term, daily rosters is gambling instead of […]

$32 Million and Counting has been Dropped in Florida to Legalize Sports Betting via Initiative Petitions, but will they Succeed?

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to legalize sports betting in Florida.  The Seminole Nation and state of Florida reached a new gambling compact that provides exclusive rights to sports betting in exchange for annual cash payments to the state.  That compact has been hotly contested and seemingly violates federal and states […]

Fantasy Football Costs Employers a Shocking $17 Billion and Puts Companies at Legal Risk

As America enters into another year of the National Football League, gambling is set to take center stage yet again. Casino Watch Focus has reported on the emergency of daily fantasy sports as the newest form of sports gambling. Some jurisdictions have appropriately labeled it gambling and either outlawed its practice or regulated it accordingly. […]

UPDATE: NFL to Cease Fantasy Football Marketing Efforts to Minors

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the unfortunate direction the NFL took regarding fantasy sports. Several non-profit organizations, including The National Council on Problem Gambling and the Campaign for a Commerical-Free Childhood, reached out to the NFL to express legitimate concerns over their marketing practices. In a letter to the Commissioner Roger Goodell, they outlined how […]

Sports Betting Once Again Pursued by New Jersey, This Time with Far Reaching Gambling Expansion Ramifications

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to expand sports gambling in area’s outside of Las Vegas, with New Jersey being the state at the forefront. Over many years they have tried several approaches to pass legislation to allow sports betting, but beyond just the opposition from the major sports leagues like the […]

New Lawsuit May Answer Questions about Short Duration Fantasy Gambling

Casino Watch Focus originally reported that a major player, CBS Sports, entered the short duration fantasy market and that doing so, would likely create questions about the practice.  The idea is that each week you place your bet and select a fantasy team to compete against one other opponent in a winner take all scenario.  […]

Has CBS Sports Entered into the New Form of Online Gambling?

Casino Watch Focus reported the emergence of a new type of online gambling known as “penny auctions.”  Penny actions are predicated on an online auction system similar to eBay, but the hook is that each time you bid it cost you money. That money is non-refundable and the price of the item only increases when […]

Experts warn that Florida’s Seminole Gambling Compact Introduces Massive Gambling Expansion, but Leaves Problem Gamblers without Vital Resources

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to secure a new gambling compact between the Seminole Tribe and the Florida Government.  Recently a new compact was agreed upon and has been approved by the Florida Legislature and Governor.  If the bill makes it past federal approval, it represents a massive expansion in gambling.  […]

A Brief Look at Crime 01/18 – 01/24

Ex-Los Angeles Councilman Pleads Not Guilty to Corruption Charges that Included Accepting Las Vegas Gambling Trips as Payment Former City Council member Jose Huizar pleaded not guilty Monday to federal charges that he took bribes to help developers win favors for large building projects in the city’s burgeoning downtown district. Huizar entered the plea to […]

A Brief Look at Crime 02/17 – 02/23

East Bay woman used company credit cards, bank accounts to fund gambling A federal judge sentenced a Pinole woman to just more than two years in prison for her role in a wire fraud embezzlement scheme, authorities said. Sherryl Santos-Tan, 36, received a 25-month sentence and was ordered by Judge Edward M. Chen to pay […]

Florida Senate President Claims they may Attempt to Reverse or Side Skirt Amendment 3 which Requires Gambling Issues to be Approved by Voters

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to properly regulate Florida gambling issues, including the most recently passed Amendment 3. That amendment requires the Florida legislature to get final approval for gambling expansion from voters and most voters in Florida aren’t in favor of gambling expansion. Recently, when discussing the failed attempts are getting […]

Will Florida Amendment 3 Push the NFL’s Jaguars to London?

Casino Watch Focus has long reported on the many faces of sports betting. With a fairly recent Supreme Court decision that allows for sports betting, many states have expanded in many ways. Florida had yet to pass legislation to legalize sports betting, so everything from daily fantasy sports to full sports books, remains open in Florida. […]

Video Game Loot Boxes and Skins Gambling Pose Risk to Children as Revenue Generated are Expected to Reach $50 Billion

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing battle by legislators and video game companies over the highly controversial loot box mechanics that many see as out right gambling being marketed to children and older gamers alike. Its now being reported that revenue generating from micro transactions in video games could almost double over the next […]

Seminole Compact Deal Seems Unlikely Given Florida Legislators are Shifting Full Focus to the Parkland School Shooting

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to fully renew the Seminole Gambling Compact and officially lock in various gambling exclusivity agreements with the Tribe, the most prominent being designated player card games.  Recent legislation was proposed and pushed that was an attempt to allow exclusive deals for the Seminoles at their casinos, while […]