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Sports Betting Once Again Pursued by New Jersey, This Time with Far Reaching Gambling Expansion Ramifications

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts to expand sports gambling in area’s outside of Las Vegas, with New Jersey being the state at the forefront. Over many years they have tried several approaches to pass legislation to allow sports betting, but beyond just the opposition from the major sports leagues like the […]

Update: New Sports Legislation passed by New Jersey Struck Down by Judge

Casino Watch Focus has reported on New Jersey’s ongoing efforts to expand gambling by legalizing sports betting at local gambling establishments. Throughout the years, such efforts have routinely failed including an effort to appeal the issue to the Supreme Court, an issue they declined to take up thus leaving past rulings against such gambling expansion illegal. […]

New Jersey Legislature passes sports betting bill – Issue still opposed by State Department

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing saga of legalized professional sports betting in New Jersey. This battle has been fought over 4 years and presumably ended when the Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling making legislation passed by New Jersey to legalize sports betting void. Federal law clearly only allows sports betting in a […]

New Jersey to Legalize Sports Betting as Gov. Christie Changes Course

Casino Watch Focus has routinely reported on the almost 4 year old battle by New Jersey to legalize sports betting. After the Supreme Court rejected recent legislation by New Jersey, the legislature tried a new approach with its legislation that ultimately resulted in a veto by Gov. Christie. The issue seemed to be resolved, resulting in the […]

UPDATE: New Jersey Gov. Christie Vetoes Attempts to by Legislators to Ignore Supreme Court Decision on Sports Gambling

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing saga of the New Jersey legislature’s attempts to legalize sports betting despite clear federal law that prevents such gambling expansion. After the proposed the legislation, the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA and the federal government sued to stop the legislation. The case was appealed all the way to […]

New Jersey Ignores Supreme Court’s Action Against State Sports Betting and Advances New Legislation

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts by New Jersey to legalize sports betting.   A lawsuit filed by the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL was upheld in the court and when the Supreme Court recently refused to take up the case, that early ruling was upheld, thereby making the federal ban on sports […]

UPDATE: New Jersey’s effort to legalize sports betting rejected by Supreme Court

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts of New Jersey to legalize sports betting in their state.  Legislation was passed which allowed betting on collegiate and pro sports, an activity very limited in jurisdiction, with Las Vegas being one of the few locations its allowed.  Major opposition has come from the NCAA, NFL, MLB, […]

Court Date Decided and Briefs Filed by NFL, MLB & Other Sport Organizations against New Jersey’s Sports Betting Legislation

Casino Watch Focus reported that the NFL, MLB, NHL and NCAA were joined by the federal government in their lawsuit against New Jersey pro-sports betting legislation.  Betting on these sports has traditionally been limited to Las Vegas, but New Jersey passed legislation looking to open wide scale sports betting in their state.  The lawsuit was […]

New Jersey Plans to Sue the DOJ over Online Gambling Ruling

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing saga of the DOJ’s handling of the Wire Act as it pertains to gambling over both the Obama and Trump Administration. Most recently, the DOJ announced they had gone back to the long standing interpretation of the wire act that makes all forms of online gambling, not just […]

With Sports Betting Now Legal, Super Bowl Betting Brings Even More Risk and the NFL Attempts to See Prop Bets Banned

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the numerous gambling impacts expected around the Super Bowl. Each year the amount of gambling seem to increase and the expectations for Super Bowl LIII (53) between the Las Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots is no different. However, the recent Supreme Court decision that has legalized sports betting […]

Online Gambling in Jeopardy in Wake of New Dep of Justice Ruling

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the impact of the Obama Administration’s reinterpretation of the long standing Wire Act. It very clearly made online gambling that crossed state lines illegal, but the Obama Administration said it only covers sports betting, thereby opening the floodgates to all forms of online gambling except sports betting. This understandably led […]

Supreme Court Betting Case Lawsuit Against NFL and other Sports Leagues Shot Down by Court

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the New Jersey Monmouth Park lawsuit against the sports leagues in the wake of the Supreme Court legalizing sports betting. For years New Jersey attempted to legalize sports gambling, and for years, the courts shot down all their efforts. In the states most recent attempt however, the managed to get […]

New Wave of Sports Gambling Brings Real Gambling Addiction Fears & Consequences

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the recent Supreme Court decision which legalized sports betting outside of the limited venues like Las Vegas. Many states have already legalized this gambling in their states, including the state responsible for taking the case to the Supreme Court, New Jersey. With this new and immediate access to gambling, many […]

Despite Supreme Court Ruling to Legalize State Sports Gambling, Florida doesn’t Seem Likely to See Such Gambling Expansion this Soon

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts by New Jersey to legalize sports betting, including the news that the Supreme Court may have just put forth the largest expansion of gambling policy ever by allowing all states to now legalize it. For months states have been gearing up for this possible scenario and the […]

UPDATE: Supreme Court Strikes down Federal Sports Betting Ban, Creates ‘Wild West’ for Sports Gambling and Potential Devastation for Problem Gamblers

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts lead by New Jersey to reverse federal bans of sports betting. After many failed attempts, New Jersey has finally succeeded in opening the door for them to regulate sports gambling. This obviously opens the door for every state as well, and the ramifications will be serious. In […]