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Rep. Peter King Introduces Online Gambling Bill; Sen. Harry Reid Objects

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the many attempts to pass federal online gambling legislation.  Most attempts have centered around online poker and Sen. Harry Reid has led the way.  Casino Watch Focus reported that this year’s attempt would not come from Sen. Harry Reid, but rather Rep. Peter King.  His bill has now been […]

New Federal Online Gambling Bill to be Introduced

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the many ongoing attempts to overturn UIGEA and pass federal legislation to allow federal internet gambling.  Time and time again, these federal attempts have failed and federal online gambling has remained illegal.  States have been working to allow online gambling in their jurisdiction after an Obama Administration ruling opened […]

Nevada Poker Bill Looks to Allow Other State’s Residents to Gamble on Their Online Gambling Sites

Casino Watch Focus reported that an Obama Administration ruling allowed for each state to introduce online gambling if gambling was legal in that state.  Much discussion has taken place as to whether the same ruling actually applies between states. The current legislation making Federal online gambling illegal is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).  […]

Has CBS Sports Entered into the New Form of Online Gambling?

Casino Watch Focus reported the emergence of a new type of online gambling known as “penny auctions.”  Penny actions are predicated on an online auction system similar to eBay, but the hook is that each time you bid it cost you money. That money is non-refundable and the price of the item only increases when […]

Video Game Company First to Enter US Online Gambling Market

Casino Watch Focus has been reporting on the ongoing saga of expanded online gambling in the US.  A ruling by the Obama Administration has opened the door for some states to engage in online gambling.  Legal questions still loom as to how far online gambling’s jurisdiction lies, and Congress is still debating proposals to allow […]

Apple to allow real money online gambling on their iPhones and iPads

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the expansion of gambling worries through online social media. The first big avenue has been to take advantage of the widespread popularity of the social network giant Facebook. Social gaming company Zynga was one of the first companies to start approaching social media sources to expand their Poker games […]

What can the Olympics teach us about the dangers of online gambling?

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the struggles the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has dealt with in regards to gambling.  Most recently, the IOC issued a banned for athletes and their coaches for the current 2012 London Olympic Games.  The focus has primarily been on preventing match-fixing scandals and the like, however, little focus has […]

Zynga to face legal challenges if they leave Facebook and pursue online gambling

Casino Watch Focus reported that online social media giant Facebook was looking into online gambling.  Their partnerships with other developers like Zynga has provided an infrastructure for dealing with payments that could translate to real money gambling.  Casino Watch Focus then reported that developer Zynga was seriously considering entering the online gambling arena as well […]

Zynga Looks to Use Facebook and Social Media Gaming to Incorporate Online Gambling

Casino Watch Focus reported that  Facebook was looking into online gambling in markets where online gambling is legal.  The tie into gambling stems from Facebook utilizing an online monetary system in the form of credits.  Those credits are usable in games or other various items from developers.  One of Facebook’s larger developers, Zynga, who also […]

Obama Administration Ruling Allows Online Gambling

Casino Watch Focus reported that several states have been attempting to legalize online gambling in their own jurisdiction.  Even though many states were attempting to legalize such intrastate gambling, it was generally understood that a long legal battle would develop.  The current online gambling landscape is largely governed by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act […]

Facebook to Test Real-Money Online Gambling in UK; the Lure of Children Amongst Real-Fears

Casino Watch Focus originally reported that Facebook banned online advertisements in the United States and other jurisdictions where online gambling is illegal.  Where as it might appear Facebook was taking a hard line stance against gambling, new reports may prove otherwise.  Currently, Facebook uses a virtual money system for several of their games/apps.  A user […]

Lenders factoring in Online Gambling in the Mortgage Process

Casino Watch Focus has repeatedly reported on the impacts of online gambling. Most stories have centered on the legal battles to keep online gambling illegal.  However, online gambling stories are now reaching far beyond the political fights as illustrated by the report of Facebook changing their gambling advertising policies. Now, an online source is reporting […]

Facebook to Ban Online Gambling Advertisements in US

Casino Watch Focus has reported on many of the ongoing online gambling battles both locally and abroad.  Most reports have focused on which states were entertaining legalizing online poker, but others have looked at the impact of national laws on international companies. A new international company to look at revamping their business practices due to […]

UPDATE: Washington DC Online Gambling to be delayed

Casino Watch Focus reported  that while many states were evaluating and pushing the idea of online gambling in there specific jurisdictions, Washington DC was the first to pass a bill and select a date to go live.  Their push to legalize didn’t come with out outspoken opposition and controversy.  Now, an online source is reporting […]

Another Congressional session, another attempt to legalize online gambling

Casino Watch Focus has reported  many times of the failed attempt by both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives to legalize online gambling.  Each legislative session has ended with the same rules in place which effectively make gambling online illegal, and each subsequent legislative session begins with some attempts to legalize online gambling.  […]