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The 4 Major Players Sports Association and the PGA join the MLB and NBA Regarding Having Their Cut of the Potential Sports Betting Action

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing Supreme Court case and the history leading up to the potential legalization of sports betting. New Jersey has taken years of attempts to legalize sports betting in their state to the Highest Court and a ruling is expected soon. With the prevailing thought being the Supreme Court will […]

Supreme Court Could Rule in Favor of Sports Betting Expansion Soon, MLB & NBA Seek to Impose a Controversial Integrity Fee

Casino Watch Focus has reported over the years on the numerous efforts by New Jersey to legalize sports betting in their State. As is stands. Las Vegas is the only place where sports betting in allowed and the Supreme Court has heard arguments about the appropriateness of the PASPA, the law which makes it illegal outside […]

New Federal Sports Gambling Bill Emerges in Congressional Committee

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the many attempts of New Jersey to legalize sports betting. The reason all of their attempts have failed is because federal law prevents states from allowing sports betting under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, the Wire Act, the Illegal Gambling Business Act and most recently, the Unlawful Internet […]

Congress Introduces Federal Sports Gambling Bills

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing attempts at legalizing sports betting, with the most common attempts coming from New Jersey. They have attempted, and failed, countless times to get sports betting legalized in New Jersey. Right now the law only allow select destinations like Las Vegas. There most recent attempt was stopped in court […]

New York Fantasy Sports Legislation Might Be Subject to Lawsuits Seeking to Stop Expanded Sports Gambling

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing developments in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry. These daily fantasy games are essentially taking the skill based game of fantasy sports that typically lasts and entire season and boiling it down to a daily gambling activity which lacks the same skill based approach as typical fantasy games. […]

NHL Awards Las Vegas New Expansion Team

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the relationship between pro sports organizations and gambling countless times.  In almost all cases, the NHL has taken the position that its wise to distance their organization from the problems associated with sports gambling.  Most of their visible advocacy has come in the way of preventing sports betting from […]

NBA Denies Daily Fantasy Sports Industry the Ability to Advertise on Jerseys

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing struggles of the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry to be seen as something other than sports gambling. As the critical examination of the industry has progressed, more and action has been taken to ensure safeguards from such gambling. Some states have clarified their laws to indicate DFS is gambling, […]

New Sports Betting Bill Introduced in America

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the many ongoing efforts to see sports gambling expanded in the U.S. The most recent string of events has been the New Jersey legislators and Governor fighting an ongoing battle to bring sports gambling to their state. Federal Law basically prevents sports betting with the exception of a few locations […]

Daily Fantasy Sports Gambling: Have Sports Leagues Adopted a Hypocritical New Position

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the new trend of real money betting on fantasy sports. Not what some might view as a few harmless dollars among friends over an entire season, but large scale, daily fantasy games. A recent lawsuit seeks an answer to whether or not short term, daily rosters is gambling instead of […]

NBA Commissioner Draws Up ‘Bait and Switch’ Play to Expand Sports Gambling

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts of New Jersey to expand sports betting in their state. Each time the New Jersey legislature has passed legislation, the pro-sports teams along with the NCAA and Federal Justice Dept have responded with court injuctions and lawsuits to prevent sports gambling expansion. The NBA was a key […]

NJ Sports Betting Law seeks Supreme Court Audience to Expand Gambling

Casino Watch Focus has reported on New Jersey’s many failed attempts at legalizing sports betting on the same scale as allowed in Las Vegas.  NJ Gov. Chris Cristie, and his desire to expand sports gambling in his state, is opposed by the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL and the Federal Government.  Earlier this year a federal […]

UPDATE: NCAA Pulls Ban After NJ Sports Betting Law Struck Down by Courts

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the ongoing efforts of New Jersey to enact a sports betting law that is opposed by the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL and most recently the Federal Government.  The bill was passed and then immediate challenged in court.  An online source is reporting that the law has been struck down: […]

New Lawsuit May Answer Questions about Short Duration Fantasy Gambling

Casino Watch Focus originally reported that a major player, CBS Sports, entered the short duration fantasy market and that doing so, would likely create questions about the practice.  The idea is that each week you place your bet and select a fantasy team to compete against one other opponent in a winner take all scenario.  […]

The NFL, along with MLB, NHL & the NCAA, sue to stop NJ sports betting

Casino Watch Focus has reported on the NFL’s opposition to gambling on their games.  Outside of Las Vegas, no other states have the same type of open sports type gambling that draws the ire of the NFL.  Delaware attempted to pass a single-event betting law for NFL games, but as Casino Watch Focus reported, the […]

A Brief Look at Crime 06/17 – 06/23

Macau Gambler Murdered over Unpaid Gambling Debts by Loan Sharks A gambler has been found beaten to death in a Macau guesthouse, allegedly over unpaid casino debts, reports the Macau Times. The unnamed victim, aged 40, had been held captive at the boarding house by three loan sharks, who had loaned him HKD50,000 ($6,373; £4,863). […]